Mr. Cage’s Career Plan Coaching Corner

Without a plan, you are only accountable to a dream. ~ Mr. Cage

If you don’t have a playbook (a plan for your career), you cannot call an audible (another option).

Are you a Chicago Bears Fans?

Well, Mr. Cage is Green Bay Packer’s fan. He believes that being a Chicago Bears fan is just tooooooooo….. Stressful 🙂

Anyone who is familiar with the sport of football knows that in order for a team to score a touchdown a play must be called from the sideline by a coach. After the play is called, it must be executed on the field by the players on the team.

In order to reach your career goals..

1) You must first have an understanding of who you are. Understanding who you are determines which team you are playing for.
2) Then, you need a playbook (a plan).
3) Then, you need a coach to keep you accountable for executing the plays in your play book.

If you would like Mr. Cage to be your coach and help you create a career plan, click on the link below to begin your journey.

Career Coaching/Counseling Testimonials

I signed up for a Career Coaching with Mr. Cage hoping to improve my business, but I left with vastly more………

It wasn’t just about the new knowledge, but the benefits that  came from doing the assignments, receiving individual feedback and interacting with Mr. Cage.  While his question on the surface seemed simple they were thought provoking that pull solutions from me that had been locked away.

His calm and logical method of coaching truly connected and inspired me to be confident in my product and in my ability to delivery to my targeted market. ~ Felisa Watkins, Property Manager/Real Estate Investor