Talent Investment Program (TIP)


The Talent Investing Program (TIP) is a NEW service for entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs. “TIP” offers FREE professional services in exchange for products, services, royalties, etc. — anything can be negotiated between the entrepreneur and the professional services provider.

“TIP“ balances the scale and expediently moves things in YOUR FAVOR.

Entrepreneurs can invite talented professionals to “invest” talent and time into their start-up ventures so they can build their business while preserving cash, and share profits fairly with the participating professionals. The “TIP” program focuses on Talent Investing. Once entrepreneurs and other talented professionals pay a small membership fee of $50 (annually), they can enter the community and network all they want with their talents. When entrepreneurs and talented professionals decide that they want to work together, we step in and serve as the liaison that will assist the talented professionals and the entrepreneurs in the exchanging of talents and creating a contract that is acceptable to both parties involved.

Your Membership

Once your membership is purchased, we will be notified via email. We will then send you a invite to our secret group on Facebook. At the present time, you must be a Facebook user to participate in the Talent Investing Program.

Please click on the link below to purchase a Talent Investing Program membership.


Your Business Plan or Idea

Please submit your idea or business plan into the form below to receive FREE professional services. Click the link below to access the google doc to submit your  idea or business plan . Be advised that all business plans and idea are held in strict confidence.


You can also submit your comments  or questions to receive further information about our  “TIP” program.

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