It is our hope that this book will expand your thinking, thus making room for expansion in your life. The information dispensed in this book Just on the Brink of Success  (J.O.B.S.) is not to be a limitation but an illumination. It is to be utilized used to illuminate your thinking in the progressive realization of your true identity.

Here’s a couple of paragraphs from Just on the Brink of Success:

Greatness and Success

“Greatness” can be defined as the manifestation of success with success being the progressive revelation of your true identity is Jesus Christ. “Greatness” is imparted from one individual to another(or to a group of individuals) and relationship is the key that opens the door of greatness. Let us walk through the door of greatness 2-gether. There is only one door to greatness, The Door is Jesus.

“Success” is the progressive realization (or revelation) of your true identity in Jesus Christ. So, success is experienced in a sequential order that is not governed by man’s opinion. Success is not a climbing of the proverbial corporate ladder, He (Success) is realized through relationship. Measures of success are released to US when we come into the realization of our true identity.

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