AJ Custom Inc. Proof

Question 1: Who are we?
Divine Works is a business management firm that specializes in areas of strategic planning and business solutions. Our objective is to assist our clients in becoming more profitable by analyzing business operations and structure. We present clients with solutions that will promote maximum utilization of their talents and resources. The mission of Divine Works Strategic Planning and Business Solutions is to empower the masses through education. Our service & products fulfill the following need of our target clients: Financial freedom by maximizing the use of their resources (internally and externally).

Question 2: What service and product(s) do we offer?
We will accomplish our mission by offering the following service & products: training in the form of curriculums, frameworks, ebooks, cds, dvds and online training (via YouTube). We provide service and products in the form of “Transformational Training.”

Question 3: What is Transformational Training?
“Transformational Training” is interactive training that addresses the root of the problem. Many of our issues are associated with one event or a series past of events. This type of training allows individuals to detach themselves from past circumstances in order to see a clearer picture of their true identity. “Transformational Training” transforms the personal and professional lives of the participants.

Question 4: Who are our target markets?
Our primary target market in youth ages 16-24. These people are those who are employees/aspiring employees and entrepreneurs in the early stages of their personal growth and development. Our secondary target market is the teachers and training facilitators who teach and train our primary target market. These two segments can be located within for-profit and not-for-profit organizations who provide educational services and training. These organizations are found in the South and South Western Suburbs of Chicago.

Question 5: Where do we provide our training?
Preferably at the facility of our clients.

Question 6: When do we provide our training?
As of now, we are only available Saturday mornings and afternoons. If you desire to make arrangements for a training session on the weekend or during the week, please contact us at divineworks@ymail.com or at (815) 714-9690.

Question 7: How many trainings do we provide to our clients?
The number of tranings  are dependent on the need of the organization. We provide a mixture  of service and value (product) oriented solutions tailored to the need of our customers. Please feel out the contact form below for more details on the programs we provide.

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